A New Era of Health Care

In a changing health care environment, our goal is to remain a strong member-owned nonprofit company that serves you in the best way possible for years to come.

HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings is a parent company that supports Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and several other subsidiaries. Our organization continually strives to deliver value while responding to market demands.

Our Corporate Structure

HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings encompasses Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and several subsidiaries.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
BCBSND helps you get affordable health care solutions to improve your health and well-being.
NextBlue of North Dakota
NextBlue of North Dakota Insurance Company simplifies the world of Medicare by wrapping disparate coverage into all-in-one Medicare Advantage plans.
BCBSND Caring Foundation
The BCBSND Caring Foundation is a private charitable organization that provides grants focused on helping North Dakotans thrive.
Azurance Group
Azurance Group, Inc. provides supplemental insurance, enabling employers to add value to their company benefits package.
Noridian Healthcare Solutions, LLC
Noridian provides health care administration and support services for state and federal government health care programs.
HealthyDakota Group Investment Holdings Inc.
Less than 10% holdings in Bell Preferred/State Bankshares Inc., Prime Therapeutics LLC, Arthur Ventures Growth Fund II LP, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners III LLC, Learn to Live Inc, BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners IV LLC.
HealthyDakota Group Administrative Services Company
There are currently no operations or other holdings in HealthyDakota Group. The corporation is available for future enterprise use and initiatives.
Twenty First Century Information Solutions Inc.
Twenty First Century was formed to provide technology solutions connecting providers with BCBSND. There are currently no operations or other holdings in Twenty First Century.